Club Coffee recognizes that innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are relevant to every choice we make as a business. This policy recognizes that, as a co-manufacturer, other brands and retailers trust us to produce the coffees, teas and other hot beverages they sell to their consumers. So, being alert to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is about more than doing today’s business better; it enables us to generate market-shaping new products, to make process improvements and to draw on the skills and commitment of our employees in order to generate benefits for all our stakeholders. Our approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility supports our many partners as they deliver on their own commitments in those areas, just as it influences our own actions.

Club Coffee Vision Statement on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Club Coffee’s motto is that “We innovate, we partner, we deliver . . . with passion”. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are part of that commitment because:

  • as recognized product innovators, we help our customers by generating the more sustainable choices that consumers want;
  • improving the sustainability of our business and operational processes offer a wide range of environmental and financial benefits; and,
  • they reinforce the kind of working environment and relationships with communities and stakeholders that we strive for.

To implement this policy, Club Coffee plans, tracks and reports results under the three commitments indicated in the Vision Statement:

Products – such as innovations in our products and packaging designed to meet consumer demand for products that address environmental concerns and to reduce food waste;

Processes – such as our efforts to improve energy use and reduce waste; and

People – such as our initiatives to improve our workplace, support the broader community and strengthen collaboration with partners and other stakeholders on shared corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals – as well as to engage Club Coffee employees in that work.



Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) environmental reports:

1) Toxic Substance Reduction Plan Summary Public Report

2) Toxic Reduction Act 2017 Public Report