Perking Up the Coffee Market:
 The Club Coffee Recipe for Meeting Consumer Needs John Pigott
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Economic Club of Canada Ottawa - November 13, 2014   TRANSCRIPT "
$ 600 million. That’s a lot of money." It got a lot of attention when my company, Club Coffee, filed a lawsuit against Keurig Green Mountain last month. But the money is not what’s grabbing the attention now. It is about what our fight means for consumers. It is about Keurig’s strategy to grab a virtual monopoly over your morning cup of single- serve coffee – and how a bunch of small Canadian companies are standing up for consumers. Since this story hit the news, I have been amazed at how much people are picking up on our call to Free The Bean. I have been amazed at the number of people who stop me to talk about our fight to give...

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Club Coffee and partner companies call for federal government action to preserve an open, competitive market in Canada for K-cup format single serve coffee. Ottawa, November 13, 2014 Club Coffee has filed a formal complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada seeking a federal investigation of coffee giant Keurig Green Mountain. Club is calling on the Bureau to protect Canadian consumers from Keurig’s strategy to create a monopoly in the popular K-cup format of single serve coffee, tea and other hot beverages. The Competition Bureau filing comes on the heels of Club’s $600 million lawsuit against the industry giant. The Toronto firm’s CEO John Pigott announced the complaint filing in a speech to the Economic Club of Canada today in Ottawa. He noted, “Keurig is trying to please investors at the obvious expense of everyday coffee consumers. Canadians know we deserve an open market with real choice. We deserve innovation....

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ERIC ATKINS The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Oct. 01 2014, 5:00 AM EDT Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 01 2014, 8:30 AM EDT Toronto-based Club Coffee LP is launching a lawsuit against Keurig Green Mountain Inc., alleging the U.S. giant uses anti-competitive tactics and misleads retailers and consumers to maintain its grip on the fast-growing single-serve coffee market. Club Coffee says in a $600-million lawsuit filed in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice that Vermont-based Keurig spreads falsehoods about competitors’ products and coerces retailers into exclusive agreements that limit consumer choices at the grocery store and drives up the price of so-called K-Cup coffee pods. The allegations have not been proven in court. Keurig did not respond to a phone call and an e-mail on Tuesday. In its court filing, Club Coffee alleges Keurig has violated Canada’s laws governing competition, trademarks and consumer protection by, among other things, telling retailers, coffee makers and...

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