Recycling VS Composting Single Serve Coffee Pods


The problem with Recycling Coffee Pods:

- Most consumers have to separate the hot coffee grounds, the filter, the lids and the plastic in every pod, every time.

- Recycling facilities often send small items like single serve pods to landfills.

- Pods may have a mix of substances that make them impossible to recycle.

- Contamination of recyclable plastics is often a problem.


Why Compostable Pods are the Right Solution:

- No need to break apart the pod, it's bio-based with no conventional plastic.

- PURPOD100™ breaks down in as little as 5 weeks in municipal processes designed to produce high-quality compost.

-  Composted pods meet or exceed soil quality and plant health certification standards.


May 10, 2018 written by Club Coffee 0 comments

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